Hair Transplant to Overcome Baldness and Have Younger Looks

Hair Transplant in Delhi

Hair transplant surgery can be the best remedy for baldness that is mostly found in men due to heredity, stress or exposure to sunlight and pollution. As the name indicates, it is a procedure in which hair from the donor area of the same patient are transplanted on the area where there are less or no hairs. 

Usually baldness is found on the top central area of head and hairs grow normally on sideways and back of the head. Hair transplant surgeon uses the hairs of the same patient for implanting in bald area.

They administer local anesthesia injecting medication inside the scalp so that there would not be any pain to the patient while performing the procedure.

Surgeons either dissect the skin to form a long strip of around 8 to 10 inches and stitch the area that would be immediately covered by surrounding hairs. The team of assistants engaged with the surgeon would further dissect the skin strip into 500 to 2000 small grafts.

In another process surgeons would shave some area on the back of head which is the donor area from the hairs would be taken for transplant. They remove hair follicles from this area ideally one by one. As the growth of hair would be natural in this area, patients would get hair grown naturally within some days.

The next process would be almost same in both the cases. Surgeons numb the bald area of patient’s head and make small holes in it on regular distance using a sharp needle or scalpel. Then along with the team of assistant surgeons they implant one graft or hair follicle in one hole systematically. 

Thus patients would have hairs in all the areas of their head after the surgery in desired density and closeness. This is a popular and proven way to overcome baldness and have a younger appearance.

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