Hair Transplant Surgery by Experienced Surgeons in Well Equipped Clinics

Hair Transplant Surgery in India

Hair transplant clinic can provide cosmetic surgical treatment for baldness. Bald head causes humiliation and embarrassment for men. There are many other remedies for hair loss. However their results may vary person to person. Most of the remedies can prevent hair loss however there are really very less chances to regrow the hairs that are already lost. 

Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgical procedure in which own hairs of patient taken out from donor area are transplanted in the area that has less or no hair at all. Thus patients can have hairs in all areas of their heads in equal density.

Hair transplant surgery cost varies center to center. The overall cost depends on various factors such as expertise and experience of the surgeon performing the surgery, efficiency of his team, location of his clinic, charges for usage of equipment, medication for pain relief and some other factors. 

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Initially cosmetic surgeons prepare a plan to execute the surgery according to specific amount of lost hairs of every patient. Usually affected area would be the top central portion of head. Hairs grow in normal way on sides and back of the head. Surgeons use this fact and take out hairs from back of the head area which is known as donor area. 

Surgeons dissect the scalp and take out a strip measuring between 15 to 25 centimeters depending on the bald area. They numb the donor area before making this dissection. The team of assistants make number of grafts by dividing this strip. In another method they shave some part of donor area and remove hair follicles one by one from there.

They make very small holes in the scalp of bald area using fine needle or a scalpel. Then they place the graft or hair follicles one in each hole. Thus patients will have hair in bald area in proportionate density with other parts of head. 

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