Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi – The Best Treatment to Overcome Hair Loss and Baldness

hair transplant surgery in delhi

Hair loss is one condition which is more prevalent among men than in women. Nearly sixty percent of men suffer from hair loss while ten percent women. Although lack of hair increases the chances of skin cancer and actinic damage, female as well as male pattern of baldness are treated electively. Instead of worrying and living life with embarrassment, you can choose to undergo hair transplant surgery in Delhi, and restore hair loss.  

No doubt that balding is one of the primary concerns for many people across the globe. And, hair loss surgery is the most apt and common way to get rid of the problem. Despite the fact that most people know that hair loss surgery in Delhi is the best treatment for treating hair loss, many end up using products which claim to restore hair loss but to no avail.

There are different types of hair loss surgeries. Scalp reduction refers to a surgical treatment for removing parts of the scalp that have been affected by alopecia. The main purpose is to reduce the area of bald skin. Then the healthy parts of the scalp are stretched and repositioned making bald part more manageable as well as smaller.  Although treatment can be performed as a standalone procedure, however it is often performed in conjunction with hair transplant surgery. 

If a small scalp reduction has to be performed, it can be done under local anesthesia. In some cases, mild sedative is also given to help a patient feel relaxed. In this procedure, a strip of skin varying between two and five centimeters is removed in one session and surgeon stitches remaining skin. Scalp reduction doctors in India examine a patient, and then recommend the best available treatment.
There are several factors on which depends hair transplant surgery cost in Delhi. Consult the surgeon to know about the exact cost. 

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