How to Choose Best Hair Transplant Surgeon India?

Hair transplantation, when done correctly, can help restore natural hair growth. The key to successful hair transplantation lies in selecting the best hair transplant surgeon India.There are several cosmetic surgeons in Delhi who perform this surgery. You just need to make sure that you choose the best hair transplant surgeon Delhi. Hair transplant is an intricate procedure and requires skills and expertise which only a few surgeons can have.

When you choose to undergo hair transplant surgery in Delhi, make sure you share and discuss your concerns and outcome of the surgery with the surgeon.  While performing hair transplant surgery, best hair transplant surgeon India, removes donor tissues from the back of patient’s scalp, suture the area and then handover tissues to technicians for dissecting them into grafts. Then grafts are placed to the affect area by the surgeon.

If you are looking for best hair transplant surgeon Delhi then here are a few steps to keep in mind.

  •  Make sure that the surgeon you are considering for procedure provides you with at least ten sets of before and after images taken from the same angle, under the same lighting and with similar background.  These picture specifications are extremely important to make sure there are no discrepancies while looking at individual cases. Photo should provide clear view of the hairline and mid anterior scalp, which is the top between the brown and hair line. In addition, see if your hair transplant surgeon can share with you images of donor scars which left on the back of the scalp post the strip of hair-bearing tissue is removed.
  • You can ask for the phone numbers and names of at least five patients who have undergone hair transplant surgery with the surgeon. You can discuss their experience and results of the surgery with the surgeon. This will help you in making a right and well-informed decision. in case experience of patients has been satisfactory than you can consider selecting the surgeon for hair transplant surgery in Delhi.  Also try to find out information about patients who have similar hair transplant procedure like you. It is extremely important to view or meet patients who had characteristics similar to you.
  • Cost of hair transplant in Delhi varies from one surgeon to the other. Consult at least three to four surgeons before making any decision. Cost of hair transplant in Delhi depends of the type of hair transplant you are suggested to undergo.

Keep above slated points into consideration while looking for best hair transplant surgeon Delhi. Results of hair transplant procedure depend on the experience and skills of the surgeon.

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